collective members / allies

WE ARE THE GENDER EDGE punk arts movement!
Here is a list of active collective members and allies of Gender EDGE (to be updated frequently w/ a growing number of additions,  pending permission from each band/artist/individual/organization). Each person or grouping listed here offers their continued help, creativity/performances, ideas, passionate activism, and overall multi - faceted support of all things Gender EDGE and for the empowered progression of the gender variant / transgender community.

current collective members: (as in consistently performing during collective events, submitting to zines or creative projects, aiding w/ materials distribution, or helping w/ many other organizing aspects/needs).

mx. joy mariama smith 
Molly Steadman - design/graphics/distro visuals
G. Ragovin
Evelyn Manlove
ksenya leah basarab (leah b.)

allies of our movement  (those who are continued allies and/or may have been involved in shows/performances at some point over the past three years. Your continued support means everything and is highly appreciated! 

Jack Pinder
Linda Chilcote
Ben Singer
Philly RAGE
AJ Bryce / Trans Genre
Shawna Potter / Hollaback Baltimore
Justin Marc Lloyd / Rainbow Bridge Recordings
 Queer 2 the T
The Wooden Shoe
Brooklyn Transcore
Leila Wright
Rachel Levy 
a stick and a stone
Baltimore Feminist Reading Group 
Red Emma's
the queer genie 
Helyx Chase
Drums Like Machine Guns
Sister Mantos
Kari R.
A Bear 
Beaumont Wherehouse
Rahne Alexander
Sister Mantos
Mark Golamco
Corey Reidy
Karen Gawn/David Lunt

Sarah Juanita

more to follow shortly...