Sunday, October 20, 2013

on hiatus

(if you have any questions about shows or if you're interested in organizing a show, feel free to send an email) 

many many thanks for all the support over the past few years!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

next show/event --- new format for 2013

In philly / sat. 4.27 / 8pm @ vox populi
Solidarity / Immediacy / Urgency
Film/Facilitated Workshop focusing on the captivity of trans*/ gender non-conforming individuals within the prison industrial complex + hip hop / punk / thrash/ noise / experimental drag --- bands/performers. (see shows section for lineup, more info. on the way)

All events this year will include a workshop/critical thinking session + punk arts activism via music & performance --- new editions of the & our brains zine will be available at each event

Monday, October 15, 2012

words, more words, & new distro. material

                                                                   design by molly steadman

Monday, September 17, 2012

bleeding ears, new zine, and always more to follow

new zine released a few weeks ago, available at shows, and many other random spaces...on line version on the way. if you would like a copy mailed to you please email us. amazing edition featuring cover art by molly steadman and written contributions as follows:

sari --- none of the above: on choosing the label of no label

g.ragovin --- making some noise in the archives, george & delilah

kwinn mckay --- two pieces

ellie navidson --- a faggot and a lady? why yes

ksenya leah basarab (leah b.) --- i'm quiet then I'm not

rad shows on the way!!!
fri. sept. 21st, turnerdome --- 2nd & oxford....philly @ 7PM...w/ hivebent, sexgender, ex. by v., heather holepuncher, audrey bean

fri. sept. 28th, golden west --- baltimore @ 10pm...w/ silence kid, sexgender, ex. by v. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

words, sounds, and all things feisty & fierce

new gender EDGE shows are coming...

fri. 9/21 @ the turnerdome in philly
fri. 9/28 @ golden west in baltimore (bands, speakers, tabling & more)
lineups will be announced shortly

our zine --- & our brains is almost finished

radical arts materials distribution week begins on August 27th, lasts the entire week, and repeats at the end of each month....we will have our say

we will be at the philly feminist zine fest on august 26th 
and collective members will be reading/performing on sat. sept. 8th at the gender reel fest

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

all on the way...

--- and Our Brains zine edition No. 8 is being created and will be done sometime in august

Gender EDGE upcoming shows/events:



PUNKS, FOLKS, and FOLKY PUNX --- BRANDED SALOON, 603 VANDERBILT AVE., BROOKLYN, NY @ 10PM (gender EDGE will be represented via a performance from EX. By V.) w/ many other talented artists tba in shows secition

and... collective members are working on the next round of trans*/queer radical arts materials distribution in various philly and baltimore neighborhoods (for now), as well as continued development of projects/ideas that were discussed at the last philly quarterly event

more to follow quite soon!

Monday, May 28, 2012

three days and so much more to follow

Trans Genre and Gender EDGE will be teaming up at the Philly Trans Health Conference, 5/31 to 6/2 + the multi -  faceted event listed above which will feature musical/spoken performances (genres including experimental, folk, electronic, punk, thrash, noise, poetry and more), a dance party, and lots of artwork...such strength in collaboration!

more info. regarding the last philly quarterly event and the upcoming baltimore quarterly event will be posted rather soon.  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

more fighting back and a new zine is being built

These are some examples of the materials collective members and allies are spreading around. AND IT WILL NOT STOP!!! Our first Night Of Action (occurring in philly) is on Sunday April 29th. From that point on, we will gather at the end of each month and continue to spread materials, create radical arts responses/demonstrations, and target specific sites of violence, harassment, and any other negative actions that affect our trans*/queer communities. We are working on aligning this Night Of Action with other cities and areas as well. If you have been victimized or affected by violence, discrimination, or harassment because of your trans*/queer identity ....we at Gender EDGE want to know about and we will then plan out a response. 

(larger images will be placed in the visuals section)

                                    (this sticker is for bathrooms / sites of bathroom harassment)

So yes its true.... we are based in philly, but our work is being spread throughout our region and within a few select locations around the country.  We are currently doing mail outs of materials to several spots. If you would like to have our activist materials / info. fliers sent to you so you can place them around your area.... just send us an email.   


Sunday, April 1, 2012

fighting back: a multi - tiered radical arts response

......and now it all moves fiercely forward. These damaging aspects have been allowed to thrive for far too long..... We ARE ENTIRELY FED UP with the daily harassment, discrimination, violence, and lack of public awareness that continues to affect our trans*/queer communities. Consistent bigotry and ignorance requires a consistent response. There is no need to wait here or shake hands here, hide here, or assimilate need to be proper here, no need to ask for permission here......our basic human rights have been fucked with for far too long! Its time to let the society around us know exactly what is contained within our minds. Let your emotion, your anger, your memories...your art..... find has a true home here within the Gender EDGE movement.

In addition to organizing and holding various shows/events....collective members are currently working on designs for a mass distribution of stickers/flyers/zines/other opinionated materials that will find as many public places as possible, specifically targeting areas of known continued harassment, violence.....and of course many many many gender confining/limiting bathrooms as well. This is the first phase. For now this will be completed within the PA, NJ, MD regions with some midwest / west coast locations thrown in there as well...... and any other spots our artists may get to while playing shows, touring, or expressing their art.

The next phase(s) will be planned at each quarterly event and will include more targeted locations, building/planning specific demonstrations, and any other radical arts actions we may conjure up. STRONG ART HAS THE ABILITY TO CHANGE DAMAGING THOUGHT PROCESSES. Its our time..... we're striking often as we can..... until the people in our communities get the basic treatment and rights that we deserve.

New members and allies are joining our collective/movement frequently.....if you would like to be a part of Gender EDGE and/or help with the responses aforementioned, just simply contact's that easy.

*** samples of distribution materials on the way
*** BALTIMORE QUARTERLY EVENT (art activism planning) APRIL 6TH, RED EMMA'S 7PM!!!
*** new images, various updates, and such are being completed on this site...thanks for reading and looking around!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

updates and more updates!

FIRST EVENT IN QUARTERLY SERIES KICKED OFF IN PHILLY (ideas/issues shared at this event are listed below...thanks to all that attended)! Baltimore Quarterly Event Series start is currently being rescheduled (initial date cancelled due to being involved in a car accident while traveling to this event, all are worries... and apologies for the postponement) SEVERAL UPCOMING SHOWS ADDED IN THE REGION FOR MID MARCH!!! COLLECTIVE MEMBERS AND ALLIES IDEAS ARE DISCUSSING AND PLANNING A RADICAL ARTS RESPONSE TO SEVERAL DISCRIMINATORY/SOCIAL INJUSTICE ISSUES DIRECTLY IMPACTING OUR TRANS/QUEER COMMUNITY (employment, bathroom usage, homeless/domestic violence shelters, hate crimes)..specific sites and locations are being addressed.......the more ideas we get at our quarterly events and shows or via emails and such.....the more action will be taken from quarter to quarter....step up if you feel it and be a part of it all!!

*****see shows section for all details/updates... four upcoming shows beginning on March 16th.....taking place in philly, baltimore, and brooklyn NY......come out and support Gender EDGE and all the bands/artists involved in each event!

zine edition No. 7 is now on-line, previous editions will be available on-line over the next few weeks

starting zine edition No. 8....very slowly....anyone wanting to submit contact us and we'll make sure your work is added

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


New zine both finding the streets...

in Philly & Baltimore

performances & art activism gathering/planning

see shows section for new details tba soon, all ideas/creations/thoughts are welcome, come be a part of it all!!!

wooden shoe in philly on Feb. 22nd @ 7pm
red emma's in baltimore....Feb. 24th @ 7pm

Thursday, December 22, 2011

new zine & next philly show!

ZINE EDITION No. 7 is complete...."---and Our Brains" (continued from the "---and Her Brain editions") and is currently being distributed. Lots of words, creative efforts, and other info.... all from the members/allies of Gender EDGE.

++++++ next show, featuring SWAMP QUEEN....(from VT), ATL ATL (from VT), COLOR IS LUXURY(philly), THANK YOU ROSEKIND(philly), EX. BY V. (philly)

FRIDAY JAN. 6th, MARVELOUS RECORDS --- 208 S. 40th St., PHILLY ---- 9PM

see links to events section for more info. COME OUT & SUPPORT ALL THE BANDS & GENDER EDGE!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baltimore launch show!!!


zine readings, music/expression: indie rock/experimental/solo/punk/metal/lo- fi/hardcore/prose/noise, and activist info. sharing.........thanks so much to......


Thursday, October 13, 2011

all things philly

shows, readings, trans punk arts activism!!!!

Phila MOCA, 531 N. 12th St. (@ Spring Garden) ---Philadelphia, PA ---Sat. Nov. 5th, 2011 @ 8pm featuring Drums Like Machine Guns, +HIRS+, SGNLS, Cavale, EX. By V.

so it all happened and it was wonderfully amazing!!! thank you so much to all the bands and to everyone who came out and supported this show...beautiful evening indeed.......there will be so much more to come!

new images from this event added to the visuals section*

special thank you to Leila Wright for setting up a Gender EDGE reading @ Occupy Philly on 10/9, allowing many militant words to be spread freely through such a strong and beautiful environment of activism

and check out the Trans Genre Visual Voices project, I (leah b.) am putting together the zine aspect of this me or Trans Genre if interested......submissions for the next "---and Her Brain" zine are being gathered as real deadlines, no real guidelines, just an easy accessible way to express/display your creative work in any form! Through distribution it will all find new places and spaces throughout the mid-atlantic and northeastern regions.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

back to Baltimore and more to follow...

It all happened and it was cool........plenty of energy, emotion, shared ideas, new conversations, and continued momentum were all expressed in the past few weeks within charm city......there will be so much more to follow!

a HUGE thank you to......

the Shondes
Pregnant Spore Shawna Potter
Red Emma's

and the Baltimore Independent Music and Arts Festival / CCAS for providing a home and political platform for Gender EDGE activism.

more photographs have been or will be added to the visuals section....

also Gender EDGE will be represented through zine distribution and readings at this year's Radical Book Fair & Zine Bazaar in Baltimore..... so expect lots of zines and some emotive readings from those particular creations on Fri. Sept. 23rd, Mt. Vernon Place, 12 to 6 pm w/a spoken performance at 3:30pm.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the power of authenticity...

Late night words for all transgender, gender non-conforming /queer individuals, and every single ally...

Steadfastly embrace the fact that this world (especially through pathways of birth assigned gender non-conformity) is truly evolving.....and you are leading that evolution every fucking day.

Friday, June 3, 2011

NEW ZINE and some militancy

Edition No. 6 of "--- and her Brain" was brought into this world, via a mother printer for distribution, just a few short weeks ago. While slightly smaller page size prevails, the edition holds within it works from collective members Karen Gawn, Jane Cassady, and newest to join...Mr. Justin DeForest.

Also this edition's WRITE TO LIVE installment displays a former co-worker's non-supportive and inflammatory reaction to gender variant/trans/queer identification. All while citing religion as a supportive component for these opinions. A response in the form of a night's worth of written expression follows these typed sentiments.

If they have hurt you because of who you truly are.....they were never friends nor family. THERE IS NO MORE HIDING and THERE IS NO NEED TO GIVE UP.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Edition No. 5 --- released to the streets

--- and Her Brain, edition No. 5 has been born and also cloned via the printer atop my desk. Distribution has begun and readings from this zine and others are being scheduled at various spaces. Details to follow.

Some images/works from this zine can be found in the "visual additives" and "more words" sections of this site. Otherwise freshly made copies can be found in locations listed in the distribution region, within some shelves, at shows/events where gender EDGE concepts are being displayed, on top or near certain newspaper containers or wherever those newspapers are frequently distributed, and within one of the three bags that I carry them in from time to time. So if you want a copy, let me know and I will be sure to get you one.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

concepts within concepts

Quantum elements, sub-atomic realms, multiple universes, infinite concepts of variance....and how each relates to all things trans and queer can be found within the prose equation that is "---and Her Brain" the third edition. The entire zine has been placed in the more words section of this site.

A little campaign within the Gender EDGE initiative:

Its called WRITE TO LIVE and focuses on written expression as means of survival and militant empowerment for those within the gender variant and queer community.

There have been enough damaging words thrown forcefully against our communities, this time a new arsenal of verbiage is birthed and with enough strength social change, from the smallest daily instances to generational evolution, will follow.


write in zines, within articles, on walls, within unpublished volumes, on sidewalks, on your true skin, on someone else's, on tables and furniture, petitions and flyers --- express everything. Freedom from any gender conformity or close minded social standard is gained word by word --- TRANS, PROUD, PIST, and ALWAYS CREATING!

The WRITE TO LIVE campaign debuts with the first piece being based on how the York Daily Record in York County, PA perpetuated unfathomable bigotry by printing (over and over again) the systematic persecution of the gay male community. Read about the effects of this horrifying instance of published prejudice in the next "---and Her Brain" edition No.5.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gender EDGE thoughts within other creative forms

Readings are emotional yet controlled........ EX. By V. is simply raw emotion. Many more opinions will be expressed within this form. All-out strength, declarations for social change, and continued empowerment will absolutely conquer terms such as "birth defect", "mental ailment", and "disease" that have plagued those within the trans community. There is so much powerful beauty in non-conformity and EX. By V. is another method of displaying such beliefs.

find out more here:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gender EDGE / "--- and Her Brain" Philly show 10.26 @ LAVA

live music photography by Rachel Marie Watson

it happened and it was cool.....thanks to all the artists that offered their music/creativity, there will be more to come.... check out these sites :

- Pregnant Spore (sound, noise, music artist from Baltimore)

- a stick and a stone (haunted folk experiment from Philly) &

- Cincinnatus C. (folk meets noise from Philly)

- Geppetta (multiple art forms from Philly)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dropping Damaging Labels

Hetero Identity Disorder, Biological Gender Conformity Syndrome are conditions that never existed and would cause great offense and sickness if they did. Thankfully homosexuality was freed from DSM psychological classification in the mid - eighties, therefore the gay and lesbian community has greatly benefited by being released from one more ignorant stigma. Undeniable progress for the GLBQ community has followed. At present there is no Gay Culture Disorder nor Lesbian Identifying Disease. So it becomes obvious and warranted that the time arrives for transgender and gender variant individuals to claim their freedom and disable systems that perpetuate harmfully negative connotations regarding this brave and ever evolving movement of personal rights and expression.

Or is it possible that external and societal pressure made them ill, told them to stay ill, "diagnosed" them, destroyed their personal liberty in an effort to maintain gender conformity. If trans individuals are consistently made to feel that they are diseased through such terms such as; "symptoms", "condition", "psychiatric classification", "gender identity disorder", "diagnosis" then collectively the entire trans populace will simply never progress. Transgender people ask questions of themselves, that many never entertain, concerning their roles within humanity. THIS IS EVOLUTION NOT DISEASE.

RID DYSPHORIA, COLLAPSE IDENTITY DISORDER by changing societal views and standards that create malicious mental unease not allowing a person to choose their place within the gender spectrum. By increasing the awareness of gender variant and transgender pathways daily acceptance has a chance. The fears of coming out and living could be greatly decreased. DSM psychiatric criteria based on transgender existence has killed more individuals than it has helped. Those pages and their mantra of making a gender variant person feel ill discourages diversity on many levels. This is systematic discrimination resulting in exile, suicide attempts, and completed self demise. These are nothing but extremely harmful words and concepts of clinical ignorance. Too many transgender souls have been lost because of damaging labels, standards, and malignant classification.

Gay and Lesbian souls have fought and gained their escape from the DSM. It is time for the same freedom to be given to all levels of trans-individuals. These are the civil rights of every gender variant soul; positive and powerful nomenclature, access to proper and focused health care without the need for damaging "disorder" criteria ----- just these aspects alone will embolden the gender spectrum and change daily thoughts for generations. For those living with fear and humiliation there will be hope in no longer having to hide. THESE LIVES WILL CHANGE.

GLBTQ (and beyond) beings have never needed "interventions and cures" for who we are. The main disorder lies within hateful, un-accepting, rigid aspects of societies who limit their minds and restrain natural diversity. So this is a written call to all gender variant and transgender individuals. Fight your good fights with acceptance, class, power, and focus. Keep stepping out because sheer numbers will promote change. Discard the negative identity terms aforementioned. Embrace and live freely in your terms of gender queer, variance, transsexuality, and non-conformity. There are massive numbers of souls who do not fear difference, especially involving a varied concept of gender. THE SHAME OF DAMAGING LABELS DIES HERE ------ they made it all to deter you. THE SHAME DIES HERE, these will become our years, our chance to be heard and thrive will all strength.

Disorder terminology has no place regarding gender expression . The beauty of the brain freeing the body from limited standards is not a disorder. These are stunning thoughts of entitlement and personal freedom.

written fragments and opinions by Leah B.