the initiative / how to get involved

Get involved with the Gender EDGE arts initiative by bringing forth your own expressions, ideas, opinions, music, or anything creative/artistic. You can help make shows happen, get your work distributed through the zines, collaborate on any level, and help spread the strength of the gender variant / queer community. Bands, individual artisans, and allies are always needed, greatly respected, and each personal addition continues to aid in the growth of this cause. If you dwell near or within the areas listed below feel free to contact me, Leah B., with your thoughts or inquiries. There are several aspects ongoing or being planned in these regions so help will be utilized and appreciated. If you do not live near the aforementioned locations, that is even better, as the goal is to bring Gender EDGE to many more streets, houses, and spaces outside of said locales.

contact for Leah B:

If interested.... you can be immediately added the Gender EDGE mass email list, this provides frequent updates on events, help needed, upcoming ideas/projects, and more!  Simply contact Leah B. and ask to be added.

Creative Contributions / Collaborations for Gender EDGE zines / activist materials ------
Music and Performance organizing 

All future Gender EDGE / "---and Her Brain" booklets/zines will be constructed and distributed on a quarterly basis. The goal for these efforts is to consistently display the work of those who have supported and are currently helping with the Gender EDGE Collective approach. Current contributing artists submit their photography, writings, and other original works of art which end up being placed in the editions and distributed to a growing list of spaces, places, activist centers, small independent record labels (distributed with music orders), college campuses, and bookstores around the region. You may send materials via email or contact the above address for mailing instructions.

Music and performance shows are self - booked and the goal is to display the Gender EDGE initiative through music and bring materials to distribute at each show. The more shows that happen, the more gender variance liberation and ideals reach others through creative means and the lost art of discussion.  

The main concentration of activism, creative efforts, music shows, reading performances,  and zine/materials distribution focuses on and occurs within the following spots:

Philadelphia, PA
York, PA
Lancaster and Harrisburg, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Baltimore, MD