Friday, June 3, 2011

NEW ZINE and some militancy

Edition No. 6 of "--- and her Brain" was brought into this world, via a mother printer for distribution, just a few short weeks ago. While slightly smaller page size prevails, the edition holds within it works from collective members Karen Gawn, Jane Cassady, and newest to join...Mr. Justin DeForest.

Also this edition's WRITE TO LIVE installment displays a former co-worker's non-supportive and inflammatory reaction to gender variant/trans/queer identification. All while citing religion as a supportive component for these opinions. A response in the form of a night's worth of written expression follows these typed sentiments.

If they have hurt you because of who you truly are.....they were never friends nor family. THERE IS NO MORE HIDING and THERE IS NO NEED TO GIVE UP.

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