Thursday, December 22, 2011

new zine & next philly show!

ZINE EDITION No. 7 is complete...."---and Our Brains" (continued from the "---and Her Brain editions") and is currently being distributed. Lots of words, creative efforts, and other info.... all from the members/allies of Gender EDGE.

++++++ next show, featuring SWAMP QUEEN....(from VT), ATL ATL (from VT), COLOR IS LUXURY(philly), THANK YOU ROSEKIND(philly), EX. BY V. (philly)

FRIDAY JAN. 6th, MARVELOUS RECORDS --- 208 S. 40th St., PHILLY ---- 9PM

see links to events section for more info. COME OUT & SUPPORT ALL THE BANDS & GENDER EDGE!!

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