Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dropping Damaging Labels

Hetero Identity Disorder, Biological Gender Conformity Syndrome are conditions that never existed and would cause great offense and sickness if they did. Thankfully homosexuality was freed from DSM psychological classification in the mid - eighties, therefore the gay and lesbian community has greatly benefited by being released from one more ignorant stigma. Undeniable progress for the GLBQ community has followed. At present there is no Gay Culture Disorder nor Lesbian Identifying Disease. So it becomes obvious and warranted that the time arrives for transgender and gender variant individuals to claim their freedom and disable systems that perpetuate harmfully negative connotations regarding this brave and ever evolving movement of personal rights and expression.

Or is it possible that external and societal pressure made them ill, told them to stay ill, "diagnosed" them, destroyed their personal liberty in an effort to maintain gender conformity. If trans individuals are consistently made to feel that they are diseased through such terms such as; "symptoms", "condition", "psychiatric classification", "gender identity disorder", "diagnosis" then collectively the entire trans populace will simply never progress. Transgender people ask questions of themselves, that many never entertain, concerning their roles within humanity. THIS IS EVOLUTION NOT DISEASE.

RID DYSPHORIA, COLLAPSE IDENTITY DISORDER by changing societal views and standards that create malicious mental unease not allowing a person to choose their place within the gender spectrum. By increasing the awareness of gender variant and transgender pathways daily acceptance has a chance. The fears of coming out and living could be greatly decreased. DSM psychiatric criteria based on transgender existence has killed more individuals than it has helped. Those pages and their mantra of making a gender variant person feel ill discourages diversity on many levels. This is systematic discrimination resulting in exile, suicide attempts, and completed self demise. These are nothing but extremely harmful words and concepts of clinical ignorance. Too many transgender souls have been lost because of damaging labels, standards, and malignant classification.

Gay and Lesbian souls have fought and gained their escape from the DSM. It is time for the same freedom to be given to all levels of trans-individuals. These are the civil rights of every gender variant soul; positive and powerful nomenclature, access to proper and focused health care without the need for damaging "disorder" criteria ----- just these aspects alone will embolden the gender spectrum and change daily thoughts for generations. For those living with fear and humiliation there will be hope in no longer having to hide. THESE LIVES WILL CHANGE.

GLBTQ (and beyond) beings have never needed "interventions and cures" for who we are. The main disorder lies within hateful, un-accepting, rigid aspects of societies who limit their minds and restrain natural diversity. So this is a written call to all gender variant and transgender individuals. Fight your good fights with acceptance, class, power, and focus. Keep stepping out because sheer numbers will promote change. Discard the negative identity terms aforementioned. Embrace and live freely in your terms of gender queer, variance, transsexuality, and non-conformity. There are massive numbers of souls who do not fear difference, especially involving a varied concept of gender. THE SHAME OF DAMAGING LABELS DIES HERE ------ they made it all to deter you. THE SHAME DIES HERE, these will become our years, our chance to be heard and thrive will all strength.

Disorder terminology has no place regarding gender expression . The beauty of the brain freeing the body from limited standards is not a disorder. These are stunning thoughts of entitlement and personal freedom.

written fragments and opinions by Leah B.

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