Sunday, July 24, 2011

back to Baltimore and more to follow...

It all happened and it was cool........plenty of energy, emotion, shared ideas, new conversations, and continued momentum were all expressed in the past few weeks within charm city......there will be so much more to follow!

a HUGE thank you to......

the Shondes
Pregnant Spore Shawna Potter
Red Emma's

and the Baltimore Independent Music and Arts Festival / CCAS for providing a home and political platform for Gender EDGE activism.

more photographs have been or will be added to the visuals section....

also Gender EDGE will be represented through zine distribution and readings at this year's Radical Book Fair & Zine Bazaar in Baltimore..... so expect lots of zines and some emotive readings from those particular creations on Fri. Sept. 23rd, Mt. Vernon Place, 12 to 6 pm w/a spoken performance at 3:30pm.

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