Tuesday, February 28, 2012

updates and more updates!

FIRST EVENT IN QUARTERLY SERIES KICKED OFF IN PHILLY (ideas/issues shared at this event are listed below...thanks to all that attended)! Baltimore Quarterly Event Series start is currently being rescheduled (initial date cancelled due to being involved in a car accident while traveling to this event, all are ok....no worries... and apologies for the postponement) SEVERAL UPCOMING SHOWS ADDED IN THE REGION FOR MID MARCH!!! COLLECTIVE MEMBERS AND ALLIES IDEAS ARE DISCUSSING AND PLANNING A RADICAL ARTS RESPONSE TO SEVERAL DISCRIMINATORY/SOCIAL INJUSTICE ISSUES DIRECTLY IMPACTING OUR TRANS/QUEER COMMUNITY (employment, bathroom usage, homeless/domestic violence shelters, hate crimes)..specific sites and locations are being addressed.......the more ideas we get at our quarterly events and shows or via emails and such.....the more action will be taken from quarter to quarter....step up if you feel it and be a part of it all!!

*****see shows section for all details/updates... four upcoming shows beginning on March 16th.....taking place in philly, baltimore, and brooklyn NY......come out and support Gender EDGE and all the bands/artists involved in each event!

zine edition No. 7 is now on-line, previous editions will be available on-line over the next few weeks

starting zine edition No. 8....very slowly....anyone wanting to submit contact us and we'll make sure your work is added

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